Yan Yuting

Themed 'Dialogue', the special program co-developed by Zheng Lu and Xie Tianxiao is expected to explore possibilities of joint creation between two artistic forms. Interestingly, Xie Tianxiao, a rock bigwig of China, majored in fine arts; Zheng Lu, a key Chinese post-1970s artist, has established a band and served as a drummer once. Our common experience suggests that artists and musicians have always been viewed as companions. Visual arts and music, rock in particular, are always in a state of interaction in both the Fluxus period and the passionate 1980s to 1990s in China, in which the two cultures interpenetrated and interplayed with each other.

Asian Art Works hopes to turn the ordinary 'play' into an experimental 'exhibition' possibly due to this. However, we find many barriers when the exhibition is in place: the creation forms and stances are both comparatively independent, hard to be harmonized. A question for this exhibition emerges - how to generate a dialogue between music and visual arts and turn it into corresponding works and exhibition forms. Finally, the artist Zheng Lu and musician Xie Tianxiao, based on the 'secret' of the dialogue, agreed on the attempts of behavior, music, and visual arts for this theme.

In fact, we find that both similarity and barrier exist in the creation of two fields, so a 'dialogue' is needed. The establishment of the dialogue is based on 'no understanding' and 'for understanding', while the 'dialogue' is a status. The core of the exhibition is to turn 'dialogue' into 'secret'. With the multiple reading barriers, the artists will enable the visitors to decipher the 'secret'. This is an experimental exhibition of sheer interaction, in which the two artists hope to present an inductive result close to extreme to the audiences in the dialogue - the barrier of communication to an unreadable limit. Whether a new possibility of communication can be triggered in such extreme? This is an issue deserving consideration.



此次郑路 x 谢天笑共同合作的特别项目以“Dialogue | 唠嗑”为题,希望建立起两种艺术形式集合创作的实验可能。很有意思的是,谢天笑是国内重要的摇滚音乐人,但却是学美术出身;郑路是国内重要的70后艺术家,也曾组过乐队,担任过鼓手。在我们的日常经验中,艺术家与音乐人一直被认为是相伴出现的一伙儿人,不管是西方的激浪派时期还是中国激情的80、90年代,视觉艺术与音乐(尤其是摇滚乐)一直处于一种交合的生成状态中,两种文化互相渗透也互相影响。



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