Asian Art Works is pleased to present its new exhibition "The Feminine Ideal," featuring a collection of works that examine the significance of the female body, beauty and culture from the perspective of both male and female contemporary artists. This exhibition showcases the work of six young Chinese artists working in a variety of mediums, spanning sculpture, photography, painting and installation. With vocabulary of drama, delicacy, or detail, individually, each artist has his or her unique visual language to portray the female ideal, either as a subject of power, provocation, innocence, or beauty. Collectively, these artworks not only represent the ever-changing feminine symbols of a new China, but also demonstrate the evolving social environment that inspires such a diversity of ideals. The paradigm of femininity is more than just simple beauty.

在此金秋时节,Asian Art Works 迎来了一个新的群展“女性理想”。此次展览不仅从男性也从女性当代艺术家的视角展示了一批旨在探讨女性胴体、美及文化的作品。展览展示了六位中国年轻艺术家以不同媒介创作的作品,涵盖了雕塑、摄影、绘画以及装置等多种形式。每个艺术家都用他们独特的视觉语言来描绘女性形象,她们充满力量、具有挑衅性、天真、美丽,作品画面极具戏剧感。总的来说,女性美的典范不仅仅是体现在外观上,这些艺术作品不仅代表一直在变化中的新女性形象,也说明不断变迁的社会环境导致了理想美的多变性。

Curated by Tiffany Beres

Paricipating Artists
Fan Xiaoyan, Jiao Haimo, Hasang Liu, Qi Xing, Song Ying, Zhang Peng

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