Curated by Qi Xing 齐星
Artists: Chen Xuefei 陈雪飞, Ju Yulin 鞠煜林, Zhou Yang 周杨

'Daily life scenery, Portrait of girl peeling garlic and Subject obscure history painting'

The three artists' works are not fashionable. They did not embellish their artworks in a so-called 'contemporary' fashion. I believe this is not the result of conscious efforts. Based on my understanding of these artists, this is done with the instinctive nature of their personalities.

The artists have a pure passion for painting, and they use their paintings to depict daily sceneries, natural emotions, as well as their perspectives on events. This makes their artworks much closer to people, their lives, as well as painting itself. I suppose, they think intentionally getting closer to 'concept' is not worthwhile. Based on my understanding of these artists, I believe this is not the result of conscious efforts, but rather the instinctive nature of their personalities.

After all, creative works should be open and free. However, the premise of openness is to be conservative and the upholding of values is the burden of freedom.

The English title represents the artists' current creative states. They dare their hearts in this adventure and through this process, reveal their feelings about life and understandings of art. Certainly, cognitive limitations and fragmented expressions may also exist. The artists must bear the consequences of truth and the cost of dare as truth and dare are both the most valuable elements in art.

Qi Xing


这三位画家的作品并不时尚,他们没有将自己的创作打扮地那么“当代”. 我相信这并非是自觉的结果. 以我对他们的了解,这不过是本能的性情使然.

他们对绘画本身有着朴素的热情,也愿意用绘画去描述日常的景物,自然的情感和对事件的看法. 这使得他们的作品离生活和人更近,也离绘画更近. 我猜,他们认为刻意地去亲近“观念”是一种得不偿失.这些画家在用自己的作品拒绝着潮流, 这是价值判断的结果.

创作,终究是要走向开放和自由的. 但是,开放的前提是保守,而对价值的坚持也本该是自由的负重.

展览的英文题目为<真心话大冒险>. 它呈现的是画家们阶段性的创作面貌,这是个袒露真心的冒险过程. 这过程显现着他们对生活的感受和对艺术的理解. 当然,这其中包含着一些认知上的局限和表达上的分裂. 这是真心的后果,也是冒险的代价. 这些都是创作者应该承担的. 因为,真心与冒险,都是艺术中最可贵的东西.

齐 星

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